Unique and new concept: SaddleLease

10-02-2021 Reading time: 3 min


A saddle is one of the most precious purchases after the horse itself and means of transport. Every rider wants what is best for his horse, but a saddle for one horse doesn’t mean it will fit the other. In a perfect world every horse has his own custom made saddle. Or maybe your current saddle fits your horse but you have developed as a rider and don’t sit right in your saddle anymore. Since a new saddle comes with an expensive price tag, Rob van Boxtel created a new concept: SaddleLease. Leasing saddles of the highest quality for an affordable price.

The newest saddles

With a SaddleLease plan riders always ride with the newest saddles equipped with the newest technology and best fit for your horse. A manageable and fixed price per month and no unexpected costs. No worries about maintenance either!

Sold your horse and need a new saddle? No problem, leasing a saddle is possible from one year already so you can change quickly. With our additional in-house insurance you are covered for theft as well. We have a large stock available but it is also possible to completely customize your saddle.

Leasing, a very common thing

Initiator Rob van Boxtel has been a known face in the international horseworld for years. With his webshop and mobile tackshop he provides many riders with all necessities. “Leasing horsetruck is already a very common thing for a lot of riders. As of now it’s also possible to lease a jumping saddle. Our saddle experts come to the stable to see what is the best fit and when a client has specific needs we can custom make the saddle. After the lease has ended the rider has the first option to buy at a very competitive price. In this manner you always ride “new” for for an affordable price.

Italian jumpingsaddles

The brands we offer on SaddleLease are Renaissance, Prestige and Equipe. Three well-established brands that guarantee top quality. All saddles are handmade in Italy with soft leather for ultimate comfort. Renaissance has 3 models, M, F2, F, that focuses on close-contact; to sit as close as possible to your horse for optimal feeling. The popular model X-Paris from Prestige is available and from Equipe SaddleLease has the models EK26 and EKEVO in stock.

Plans are already made to expand our range: “We started with Renaissance, Prestige and Equipe because we have extensive experience with these saddles. We have been passionate about these brands for some time now and invested in a large stock. The first few saddles have been leased already and we work hard on extending the concept. At the moment we explore the option in dressage saddles and we also want to look into pony saddles.

Leaseplans vary from 1 to 3 years. SaddleLease can also provide you with insurance and maintenance. Ride carefree! Curious about the plans and saddles? View them here.