Three tips to take care of your saddle

10-02-2021 By: Annelou de Man Reading time: 2 min


1. Cleaning

Cleaning your jumping saddle weekly helps maintaining the leather. First remove any loose dirt (dust, sand or mud) using a soft cloth or sponge. Then you use saddlesoap for the first deep cleaning. Make sure your sponge is not too wet because that will turn the leather coarse. When the saddle is clean and dry you treat it with a maintenance product.

We use the Renaissance leatherbalm FR-P14. This conditioner neutralises the harmful effect of transpiration and nourishes the leather. The balm gives the saddle a nice shine, makes it more waterrepellent and accentuates the color. Rubbing in a thin layer works better than spreading a thick layer!
We also use the Renaissance Leather Oil FR-P15. This is a deep acting nourishing oil which protects the leather against dryness. Regular use gives the saddle shine, suppleness and it darkens the color.
We advise to use the balm once a week and the oil once in 3 months.

2. Saddle covers

The saddles from SaddleLease are supplied as standard with a luxurious saddle cover. The cover protects the saddle against dust and dirt. It is also a protection layer between the saddle and wall, saddle rack and tack box. A good cover has to be breathable so any possible dampness can escape.

3. Controle

Horse and rider keep developing themselves. The horses musculation can change over time and can cause the saddle to lay on the back differently. That doesn’t always have to be a downside but sometimes it can mean we have to change the panels. A yearly checkup can prevent many problems. SaddleLease’s experts can say if change is needed.